Our New Home

We've moved!  We loved our old warehouse but it was just getting too small, so we moved about a mile west. Our new location will have room to grow and develop/design new pello's all with the goal to get more kids on great bikes!


Where we'll be in 2017!

This is where we'll be this year, come out and ride with us!

Photo: Dirt Rag Magazine

Photo: Dirt Rag Magazine

May 5-6 - Bike Expo New York, Manhattan, NY

May 18-21 - Dirt Rag Dirt Fest, Raystown, PA

June 23-28 - Bike Virginia Tour, Lexington, VA

August 18-20 - Outerbike, Crested Butte, CO

August 24-27 - Hotter Than Hell 100, Wichita Falls, TX

October 13-15 - Go Outside Festival, Roanoke, VA

November 4-5 - Philly Bike Expo, Philadelphia, PA


How to measure your child's inseam

When thinking about bike sizes it's often difficult to know just how the bike will fit.  What we've found is that the inseam measurement is possibly one of the best determining factor in getting the correct fit.  

A good rule of thumb for little one's just starting out or if they are a tad timid is to have their feet flat on the ground while seated on the saddle.  This translates to a saddle height that matches their inseam.  However, if your little one is already riding and shows confidence then having the seat height about 2-2.5" above their inseam may be a better fit and will allow them to grow into the bike a bit longer.

Please check out the chart below for a good way to measure the inseam properly.

2016 - An awesome year for Pello

WOW what a year 2016 was!  We had so many wonderful milestones during 2016 directly attributed to all the little ones that found our bike and have fallen in love with them.   These are some of the milestones that we are grateful for and could not have achieved them without the support from our Pello community all across the US.

  • After approximately 4 years of designing, developing and testing our bikes we successfully launched Pello bikes for sale in May of 2016.  Right from the beginning people loved our bikes and felt a need to provide their children with a better bike.
  • We let reviewers see our bikes for the first time and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • We can only smile when we receive praises from parents who purchased a Pello for their child.   It makes us feel so good that all our work in making these bikes is paying off, kids are learning to ride on our bikes and that is awesome!
  • We traveled to a lot of events in 2016, big and small, and set up our test track. It’s been so great to see little ones taking flight for the first time on our bikes!
  • We are still logging miles on our very first prototypes; in fact our very 1st Rover is pushing 500+ miles from being passed around to friends and testers.  We are happy to report that it is still going strong!
  • We have successfully sold out of the Revo and are very limited on others!  Stock will be replenished this Spring.

Looking forward to 2017

  • In 2017 we will welcome Ripple and Reyes to the Pello Family.  Still in development, these two new additions will be the smallest (balance) and biggest (24”) bikes in our lineup.  We are so excited to release them into the world for kids to learn, ride and smile as they engage in the magic of riding a bicycle.
  • We will be traveling to more events across the country in 2017 with our test track.
  • We will be launching new cool things for sale on our website including new t-shirt designs, jersey’s, exclusive in-house designed prints and many more cool things.
  • We will launch our “Loyalty” Program where members of the Pello family will receive cool things and get discounts on future Pello bike purchases.

We could not have been successful without the support and help from our family and friends; we truly thank them for all they have contributed.

Thank you again to all of those who have supported us in making 2016 such a great year, we look forward to making 2017 even better!


Smile, Ride, Repeat.

Shane & Chris




Free Shipping now thru Sunday (11/27/16)

Free Shipping & Cool Helmets

Looking to get a jumpstart on this holiday season?  Pello has your wheel.  

Use code PelloFreeShip at checkout and get free shipping on your next Pello, now through Sunday when you order from our Bike Shop at pellobikes.com. 

We are a local small buisness and we support other local small businesses so in addition to free shipping we also have 2 super cool
 I am RVA helmets to give away for the first peeps who tell us they want them.  Simply say, "Helmet Please" in the custom fit section durring checkout and the first 2 orders gets them!  They are size extra small for itty bitty heads.  XS are for heads 18-20 inches around (47-51 cm).  Remember these helmets have a mission.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the trail, street, sidewalk, park or wherever you may ride :)!


Another Great Review of the Revo!

Often times kids bikes are heavy, have components that aren't always the best, and are a pain to fix when they break. It's always been beyond me why kids bikes are always made so heavy. We received one of Pello Bikes kid's bikes. The Revo to be exact. It's not your average kids bike. Check out the review of it below. This bike sure has made one kid happy. Now his siblings want one... Read more

Bikes available in West Virginia

We are proud to announce that New River Bikes in Fayetteville, WV now carries our little bikes.  New River Bikes isn't your typical bike, they carry an eclectic array of bikes and accessories not found in most bike shops...Pello fits right in :)  

Fayetteville is famous in the outdoor community for its location to the New River where you can paddle, ride a bike, or jump off the bridge!  During the annual Bridge Day you will find people doing all sorts of fun things on and around the 800' high bridge.

Make some time and visit the shop and check out the cool vibe from the town, all while checking out Pello Bikes!

Bikes in Stock!

Well it's been a long and fun journey to get to the point of having our bikes in stock and ready for little feet and hands to make them move!  

During this time we have developed the bikes to a point where we feel they really are the "Ultimate Kids Bike".  We have gone through countless prototypes, several trips to various factories and worked with consultants in the bike industry to find that right combination of quality & craftsmanship we expect at the right price for our customers.  All said this process has taken about 3+ years to achieve.  When we started we thought it would be relatively simple to produce the bikes, however, once we really got into the meat of making a new bike brand it was a little more involved.  Which is a good thing, just like kids learning to ride a bike, when the time is right they let you know, we to have taken our time to really think about how the bikes should be designed and started from the ground up to create each of our 4 models.  We hope that you will find all the details in our bikes to be well thought out and most importantly help your little one experience the joy of cycling!

Please feel free to check us out and give us a spin!