How to measure your child's inseam

When thinking about bike sizes it's often difficult to know just how the bike will fit.  What we've found is that the inseam measurement is possibly one of the best determining factor in getting the correct fit.  

A good rule of thumb for little one's just starting out or if they are a tad timid is to have their feet flat on the ground while seated on the saddle.  This translates to a saddle height that matches their inseam.  However, if your little one is already riding and shows confidence then having the seat height about 2-2.5" above their inseam may be a better fit and will allow them to grow into the bike a bit longer.

Please check out the chart below for a good way to measure the inseam properly.

Bikes available in West Virginia

We are proud to announce that New River Bikes in Fayetteville, WV now carries our little bikes.  New River Bikes isn't your typical bike, they carry an eclectic array of bikes and accessories not found in most bike shops...Pello fits right in :)  

Fayetteville is famous in the outdoor community for its location to the New River where you can paddle, ride a bike, or jump off the bridge!  During the annual Bridge Day you will find people doing all sorts of fun things on and around the 800' high bridge.

Make some time and visit the shop and check out the cool vibe from the town, all while checking out Pello Bikes!