Q.   why is pello the ultimate kids bike?

A.  There are several things that go into making the ultimate kids bike.  The highlights are listed below, for the full details please click HERE for the full story.

  1. Weight - Our bikes are light so children do not have to overcome the burden of a heavy bike.  Heavy bikes are cumbersome to ride, lift over obstacles and carry home from the park.  

  2. Ride Right Geometry - Our bikes were designed from the ground up which allowed us to create a geometry that enables children to easily ride without the awkwardness that comes from poor geometry.

  3. Will last for generations - Our bikes will be there when you need them, like heading out on the Sunday rides, they are built to handle anything your little one can dish out.  To ensure this every Pello Bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and 2 year warranty on parts.

  4. Fit and Checked - When you order a Pello we ask for your measurements.  We then take that information and adjust the bike to fit your child.  Every bike is inspected for quality and safety before it ships to you.

Q. What is growpello?

A.  Growpello is our way of keeping your child on a pello as they grow into their next size. There is no signup required or extra fee to pay. Once you purchase your first Pello you are automatically enrolled. With GrowPello you can save 11% on your next bike and the next one and the next. There is no timeframe to use the discount, you do not need to get a bigger size and you get to keep your current bike. The only requirement is that you need to be current a Pello owner. For more details on how to get the GrowPello discount code shoot us an email at info@pellobikes.com.

Q.  How long will my child ride a pello before they outgrow it?

A.  From our experience little riders fit properly in one size for about 1.5-3 years.  It all depends on how fast your little one grows while they're on a Pello.

Q.  What is the WARRANTY on your bikes?

A.  Each Pello comes with a Lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and 2 years on the parts.

Q.  Can I return the bike?

A.  We want you and your little one to be totally content with your new Pello purchase.  To make sure you love your Pello we offer a 60 day full refund guarantee.   Sort of like buying a new pair of shoes, generally wear them around a bit but don’t wear them out, if they don’t fit take them back.  When trying out your Pello try to keep it in a clean condition.  If you aren’t in love with it after 60 days we give you your money back and pay for it to be shipped back to us.  Shoot us an email to arrange a return at info@pellobikes.com.

Q.  Can I ride a pello before buying it?

A.  Absolutely!  Simply come by our shop and try one out we have a great car free area to take a test ride.  Shoot us an email to ensure we have the right size in stock or check out one of our cool partner shops (Richmond, VA; Harrisonburg, VAFayetteville, WV)

Q.  How long does shipping take?

A.  In-stock bikes generally ship out 1-3 days from receiving your order.  All bikes are shipped UPS Ground from our Richmond, VA location.  For birthday's please plan ahead.  Bikes ordered on the weekend ship on Monday.  We will email you a tracking number when your bike ships.  Because each bike goes through a quality and safety inspection (pre-check list that is included with your bike) our bikes are sometimes not available for immediate pickup from our shop.  If you choose to pick up your bike at our shop we will email you when it is ready.  Please see below for a delivery time map from UPS.

UPS Shipping Times from Richmond, VA (Pello HQ)

UPS Shipping Times from Richmond, VA (Pello HQ)

Q.  Do you ship outside the usa?

A.  We do ship to Canada via UPS, the cost is a flat $50.  Any taxes or duties are to be paid by the purchaser. 

B.   We can also ship internationally, please email us at info@pellobikes.com for a shipping quote.

Q.  How difficult are the bikes to assemble?

A.  The bikes are shipped to you 95% assembled.  The only required tools are a 6 & 5mm hex key (provided in the box), screwdriver, and 15mm box wrench/adjustable wrench.  Total time takes about 15mins (most of the time is removing the padding).  Before the bikes ship to you we inspect the bikes and go through a thorough checklist to ensure all parts are there and everything is ready to go! 

For more information check out our Owners Manual

Q.   Is orange the Original color?

A.  Yes! We also have Pink :)

Q.   What if i need a spare part like a tube or brake lever?

A.  All bikes come with an extra tube free with your purchase, if you need an extra please check our Gear Page or if somethings not there we also carry all of our parts in-house, if you need something extra just ask, we've got you covered.  info@pellobikes.com

Q.   Why do your little sizes (romper & revo) have coaster brakes?

A.  The little guys have a coaster brake because they offer the best skid marks ____:-)  Besides skidding out they are also required by the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) because all our bikes are tested to meet CPSC standards.  We have found that they are also good for little ones that are still learning how to brake and using a hand brake isn't always as instinctual as simply pushing back on the pedals.  That is why we offer both the hand and coaster brakes on the rear wheel, with 2 choices for the stopping one of them is bound to bring the bike to a halt.  We also have a freewheel kit for those looking for an alternative to the coaster, check out the GEAR page for more details.


A.  Pello was born in 2012 when Shane bought his oldest son his first 20" bike and discovered how heavy and poorly made it was (the bike was purchased from a local bike shop).  Since then we have been designing, testing, re-designing and re-testing our bikes to ensure they are up to our standards.  We launched our first bikes to the world in 2016.  

Q.   Do you offer training wheels?

A.  We designed our bikes to be very easy to ride and enable children to quickly learn the joy of riding, hence our bikes do not come with training wheels.  Design elements like a low center of gravity, relaxed geometry and proportional components lend themselves to making riding easier for those just starting out.  That being said, if you feel that training wheels are necessary (you know your little one better than anyone), we do offer training wheels, please see our Gear Page for more details.