We want to give children the joy and freedom of cycling by providing bicycles that are high quality, lightweight, safe and designed specifically for kids. 


We believe that kids bikes should be designed to fit kids.

That means having geometry designed for kids. Geometry is all the measurements of the parts of the bike. How long the tubes are, how far apart they are and what angle they are at. This is important as it designates how kids bodies fit with the bike, and what position they are in body when they ride.


One of the most important factors in a bike is weight.

Kids bikes shouldn’t be any different. They can’t lift or push the weight adults can, so a lightweight bike is essential. Most bikes available are 20 plus lbs. We designed ours with lightweight tubing and components to be under 20 lbs, this makes riding and lifting the bike much easier.



On-road, off-road, any where you want to go.

Our line of bikes is built with lightweight tubing, tough parts and multi-use tires able to handle anything our riders can dish out.  Every Pello comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork as well as 2 years on the components.

Pello lightweight kids bikes quality

Every bike is inspected and checked for quality and safety. 

Additionally, if you have your measurements we will will double check them to ensure you have the correct size before we ship it (please include them in the "custom fit" section at checkout).


Pello lightweight kids bikes richmond va

Pello was started by Shane Cusick, a dad who has spent most of his life on bikes and wants nothing more than to be able to give the gift of cycling to his two boys. When he met Chris Peel, another avid cyclist and father, Pello was born. Pello Bikes is based in Richmond, Virginia.



Pello lightweight kids bikes like riding a bike