Bikes in Stock!

Well it's been a long and fun journey to get to the point of having our bikes in stock and ready for little feet and hands to make them move!  

During this time we have developed the bikes to a point where we feel they really are the "Ultimate Kids Bike".  We have gone through countless prototypes, several trips to various factories and worked with consultants in the bike industry to find that right combination of quality & craftsmanship we expect at the right price for our customers.  All said this process has taken about 3+ years to achieve.  When we started we thought it would be relatively simple to produce the bikes, however, once we really got into the meat of making a new bike brand it was a little more involved.  Which is a good thing, just like kids learning to ride a bike, when the time is right they let you know, we to have taken our time to really think about how the bikes should be designed and started from the ground up to create each of our 4 models.  We hope that you will find all the details in our bikes to be well thought out and most importantly help your little one experience the joy of cycling!

Please feel free to check us out and give us a spin!