2016 - An awesome year for Pello

WOW what a year 2016 was!  We had so many wonderful milestones during 2016 directly attributed to all the little ones that found our bike and have fallen in love with them.   These are some of the milestones that we are grateful for and could not have achieved them without the support from our Pello community all across the US.

  • After approximately 4 years of designing, developing and testing our bikes we successfully launched Pello bikes for sale in May of 2016.  Right from the beginning people loved our bikes and felt a need to provide their children with a better bike.
  • We let reviewers see our bikes for the first time and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • We can only smile when we receive praises from parents who purchased a Pello for their child.   It makes us feel so good that all our work in making these bikes is paying off, kids are learning to ride on our bikes and that is awesome!
  • We traveled to a lot of events in 2016, big and small, and set up our test track. It’s been so great to see little ones taking flight for the first time on our bikes!
  • We are still logging miles on our very first prototypes; in fact our very 1st Rover is pushing 500+ miles from being passed around to friends and testers.  We are happy to report that it is still going strong!
  • We have successfully sold out of the Revo and are very limited on others!  Stock will be replenished this Spring.

Looking forward to 2017

  • In 2017 we will welcome Ripple and Reyes to the Pello Family.  Still in development, these two new additions will be the smallest (balance) and biggest (24”) bikes in our lineup.  We are so excited to release them into the world for kids to learn, ride and smile as they engage in the magic of riding a bicycle.
  • We will be traveling to more events across the country in 2017 with our test track.
  • We will be launching new cool things for sale on our website including new t-shirt designs, jersey’s, exclusive in-house designed prints and many more cool things.
  • We will launch our “Loyalty” Program where members of the Pello family will receive cool things and get discounts on future Pello bike purchases.

We could not have been successful without the support and help from our family and friends; we truly thank them for all they have contributed.

Thank you again to all of those who have supported us in making 2016 such a great year, we look forward to making 2017 even better!


Smile, Ride, Repeat.

Shane & Chris